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  1. This will show up when someone clicks the purchase button but doesn't actually put in there a card or PayPal. It can also happen when their card gets declined. They don't receive what you're selling.
  2. A lot of suggestions might just have to name it Cat
  3. I've got paid out but the website also says English speaking countries with real emails. Good luck tell me how it goes.
  4. What do you mean? I posted a good working tutorial and thank god it's not a telecom link so I think it's solid
  5. I will upgrade your Spotify account to Spotify premium! Cheapest around! :fiesta: $3.49 :fiesta: With warranty meaning, if the account ever stops being premium I will make it premium again! SHOP: https://shoppy.gg/product/71P9Fdh
  6. The method on how to get money online fast works super well I have personally made over $300 and I'm only on day 4. Good luck hope you enjoy! [hide]https://anonfile.com/D8VfT5u3b4/Autopilot_150_Money_Making_Method_pdf[/hide]
  7. you are right i forgot to put that you need 10 reff. but trust me i haven't watched any of this posts before i tried it myself and i want to know if they are scamming people but i dont think they do bec. they have proff of payment but again you are right i should but that you need 10 reff. To me, the proof of payment just looks like they took other peoples blockchains and posted them. I haven't seen any vouchers or anything not only that I don't know how it would be possible for them to payout 50-60 dollars a day to 100+ people with ads that are not even popular in the video for selling anything. it just seems that they are trying to get people to pay there bitcoin wallet without giving anything back
  8. Ayy, check the form there's like 5 of these already. I know you need 10 referrals but it's not good for the community
  9. Skizzy Mars is an acquired taste but I highly recommend trying to push through it because once you do all his music is wonderful.