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  1. Becoming a master jeweler takes time, but the amazing passives you’ll gain and the expensive materials you’ll save by leveling this skill is worth all the trouble. It' the most expensive profession in Elder Scrolls Online, so it makes sense to plot your path wisely. In this ESO Jewelry guide, we’ll discuss the best ways to level Jewelry and earn ESO Items for Sale in Elder Scrolls Online, including tips and tricks on how to make the most of the craft. Bonuses You can have access to various bonuses in the game, which will help you level Jewelry Crafting much easier. These will give you a bonus to the Inspiration you gather. Inspiration is the name for the crafting experience that you collect while performing various tasks. I will list them during this Jewelry Crafting Leveling Guide. 10% ESO Plus: The subscription to the base game does not only give you access to Jewelry Crafting, if you hadn’t bought Summerset at an earlier point, but will also increase the crafting experience called Inspiration by 10% 10% Racial: If you are an Orc you gain 10% more Inspiration from all crafting tasks, be it deconstructing or crafting. 30% “Inspiration Boost” Champion Point Passive (acquired by spending 45 Champion Points in the green Craft tree. Place points like this: 10 Breakfall, 15 Wanderer, 10 Fortune’s Favor, 45 Inspiration. That means you need to have a total of240 Champion Points to get to the 30%.) Where to Find Materials Materials for jewelry crafting come either from deconstructing any jewelry you find or by mining the various seams found about Tamriel (ranging from pewter to platinum). You’ll find seams in the same places you’d find ore veins — near mountains and on hillsides. Jewelry seams tend to stick out more since they’re shiny, but you can always invest some points into “Keen Eye: Jewelry” to make them glow and stand out more. Mining the seams gives you Jewelry level dust, which you can refine at Jewelry crafting stations to make ingots. In the process of refining, you can find precious upgrade materials, such as Zircon (purple) and even Chromium (gold) grains along with pulverized trait materials. Deconstructing eso gold for sale will give you ingots as well as trait materials. Finding a jewelry crafting station With plenty of Dust in your inventory, you’re ready to start crafting. Head to your nearest jewelry crafting station — which you’ll find in most major cities — and interact with it to open up your menu. You’ll immediately notice several options that let you do much more than just craft new items. In fact, it’ll look remarkably familiar to anyone who has dabbled in any other form of crafting. Here’s what ESO jewelry crafting lets you do: Refine This is where you’ll take all that Dust and combine it into an Ounce — the refined component used for crafting. You’ll need a large amount of Dust to perform a successful refinement, so make sure you’ve harvested plenty of Seams or have traded with a friend for all the resources necessary. Creation With your Ounces in hand, you’re ready to craft a bit of jewelry. Jewelry crafting in ESO limits you to just rings and necklaces. However, you can make things a bit more interesting by selecting the Material and Trait you’d like to use to craft your new item. New Materials will be unlocked as you level up, and Traits can be learned using the Research option in the crafting menu. Deconstruct During your time with ESO, you’ll eventually fill up your inventory with items you no longer need. Instead of selling them, consider deconstructing them. This will destroy the item and provide you with new materials in the process. The higher your level and more powerful the item, the better materials you’ll harvest. If you’re not excited to run around searching for important crafting and improvement components, deconstructing will quickly become your best friend. One note — only jewelry picked up after the launch of Summerset can be deconstructed. It’s not too big of a deal, but if you’re wondering why you keep running into issues when trying to deconstruct a certain piece of jewelry, this is probably the culprit. Improvement If you’re already a fan of your rings or necklace and don’t need to create new ones, crafting stations give you the option to improve their rarity. That means you can keep all their beneficial attributes and take them to the next level. Here are the items — called Bars or Platings — you need to make the jump to the next tier: Fine: Terne Superior: Iridium Epic: Zircon Legendary: Chromium Beyond deconstructing gear, you can also acquire these items by refining Dust. Every time you refine materials, there’s a chance you’ll acquire Grain — which can then be combined and turned into a Plating. Research Take an unwanted item and learn an associated Trait. This will let you apply the Trait to any future Jewelry you craft — so long as you have the requisite materials, such as Cobalt for Arcane or Antimony for Healthy. A full list of Traits can be found in-game, but here are some of our favorites: Bloodthirsty (Slaughterstone): Increased damage against low-health enemies. Arcane (Cobalt): Increased max Magicka. Swift (Gilding Wax): Increased non-mounted movement speed. Robust (Zinc): Increased max Stamina. Triune (Dawn-Prism): Increased Health, Stamina, and Magicka. Sketches If you happen across any Furnishings that require jewelry crafting skills, you’ll find them in this tab. Sketches can be found throughout Tamriel, and you’ll often find them by pickpocketing, stealing, looting, or as special rewards for a variety of quests. Dolmen Farming Dolmen Farming is yet another way to level up your Jewelry Crafting skills in ESO. Alik’s Desert is widely considered to be the best place for it since all the three dolmens are very close to their wayshrines. For those who don’t know, a Dolmen is a type of Dark Anchor that drops from the sky and spawns waves of monsters for players to defeat. This activity is usually carried out in groups due to its high difficulty, and therefore, it rewards players with high-quality loot (and that includes jewelry as well). The looted jewelry can then be deconstructed for Inspiration points. Admittedly, Dolmen Farming is a very effective way to loot high-quality jewelry since there is always guaranteed jewelry from a reward chest at the end. If you are on a tight budget but want to quickly level up your jewelry crafting skills, dolmen farming is the way to go for! However, do note that it can quickly become tiresome due to repetitive steps and even difficult if you are more of a lone wolf in ESO. As seen above, ESO Jewelry Crafting is easy but requires a lot of time. With the right determination and discipline, you can quickly level up your Jewelry crafting skills in no time! Maybe you can choose to buy gold eso from a safe merchant to help you enjoy the game better, such as