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  1. THE FEDS HAVE swooped in on a large and well-organized gang of New York credit card counterfeiters who allegedly shuttled mules around the country to buy $2 million worth of gift cards and other goods for resale, including $30,000 in cosmetics. Ze Xi Qiu, aka “Superman,” allegedly led the ring alongside Doufu Ke, Hong Gang Yang and Huaming Dong, all from Queens, New York. From July until this week, they allegedly purchased stolen magstripe data from online carder forums and used it to create over 1,000 fake credit cards. They passed those cards out to teams of “drivers” responsible for transporting shopping crews to malls in New York, Texas, North Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. The Secret Service and the DEA arrested 19 alleged members of the operation in Queens this week, and one in Los Angeles, where the stolen goods were transported for sale. One defendant was already in jail, and two are at large, according to prosecutors. The bust is a reminder that even in an age of bitcoin burglaries and money mules, the old ways are not forgotten. Here’s a video showing how card counterfeiters practice their art.
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