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  1. Hey guys , found some threads about this, want to dig a little deeper in it. This is about discount codes , you know a lot of webstore are using the standard discount codes like "company name"25OFF TEST1 , TEST , 10OFF and words like that as an actual discount codes. I do not know much about these scripts and brute forcing the website . Is there any way to brute force specific webstore with specific list of potential discount codes (like combination of 1000 words) with an application and check which was good to use? There are bruteforcing apps like THC hydra , which are used for cracking the password with combo lists , and I am interested in whether if it is possible to use that for cracking the discount codes ? Hope someone has any idea about that! :) Need some help , maybe there is any way to target a webstore with sentryMBA with possible discount codes and check them with it. Is that possible ?