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    Description IMPORTANT! -100% Guarantee! if the method/software is not working anymore, you can choose 5 items from my shop! IMPORTANT! -Instant Delivery! IMPORTANT! -Request your bonus after positive feedback! ***Check my RAT setup/mentoring service! More info on my profile page and at the bottom of this description!*** Item description: Features Use apps Get contacts (and all theirs informations) Get call logs Get all messages Location by GPS/Network Monitoring received messages in live Monitoring phone state in live (call received, call sent, call missed..) Take a picture from the camera Stream sound from microphone (or other sources..) Streaming video (for activity based client only) Do a toast Send a text message Give call Open an URL in the default browser Do vibrate the phone


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    What we offer: they're buying a bitcoin stealer here. this allows you to falsify transactions and send them to your own wallet PSN Genertor + Checker Big Guide for cc to cashout (which is all included: videos, cc to Paypal and much more BTC Stealer Builder 1. PLEASE DO NOT OPEN A DISPUTE WITHOUT NOTIFYING ME !!! 2. DO NOT LEAVE FEEDBACK WITHOUT SENDING ME A MESSAGE (before you complete the order and leave feedback, wait 1-3 days and message me every day. YOU CAN SPAM ME. I'll see sooner if You have a problem problem will be solved) 4. Don't panic if I don't reply to your message within 10 minutes of sending the message. It can take 2-4-6-20 hours for me to reply because I have a lot of work to do 5. DO NOT FINISH THE ORDER WHEN THE ORDER FINALIZES AUTO, DO NOT LEAVE FEEDBACK !!!! SEND me a message because even if the order is complete, I'm here to help !!! 6. If the order is completed automatically, please send me a message. I'm here to help you even after the order is complete 7. DO NOT OPEN A DISPUTE IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM SEND ME A MESSAGE, YOU WILL GET A FULL REFUND !! 8. Please do not extend the order if the time for the automatic finalization is still more than 1 day. I am here to help 9. Now I offer live support. How does this work? If you need any help redeeming the accounts, please send me a message and we will speak at your requested hours. THANK YOU FOR YOUR UNDERSTANDING !!! If we don't answer immediately, just wait. We'll get in touch the next days at the latest. If a customer leaves positive feedback, he can choose something from our market. If a product doesn't work, don't worry, we're here to solve the problem. We give you a new product and you can get what you want from our shop. You can choose. Refund policy A PRODUCT SHOULD NOT WORK WHAT NATURALLY OCCURS; CAN YOU SEND ME THE EVIDENCE? AND YOU GET A NEW PRODUCT


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    โš ๏ธ WARNING! ALL ITEMS ARE STRICTLY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY ๐Ÿ˜‰ AT YOUR OWN RISK! INSTANT DELIVERY! โš ๏ธ ๐Ÿ’Ž CARDINGS ๐Ÿ’Ž FRAUDS ๐Ÿ’Ž EXPLOITS ๐Ÿ’Ž LEAKS ๐Ÿ’Ž MALWARES ๐Ÿ’Ž MEGA AND GIGA PACKS ๐Ÿ’Ž AND OTHER GOODS! ๐Ÿ’Ž CHECK MY OTHER LISTINGS! GIVE POSITIVE FEEDBACK TO GET YOUR GIFT! WRITE DM IF FIND ANY ISSUE! Can mine all the following algorithms and thus all the cryptocurrencies that use them, so not only for XMR: cn/upx2, argon2/chukwav2, cn/ccx, kawpow, rx/keva, astrobwt, cn-pico/tlo, rx/sfx, rx/arq, rx/0, argon2/chukwa, argon2/wrkz, rx/wow, cn/fast, cn/rwz, cn/zls, cn/double, cn/r, cn-pico, cn/half, cn/2, cn/xao, cn/rto, cn-heavy/tube, cn-heavy/xhv, cn-heavy/0, cn/1, cn-lite/1, cn-lite/0 and cn/0. 2021 Software! Fast, secure, amazing! Make your own mining network and earn insane money, what you thought impossible! Main Features: - .NET - Coded in Visual Basic .NET, requires .NET Framework 4.5. - Codedom - No need for external libraries to compile - Injection (Silent) - Hide payload behind another process - CPU & GPU Mining - Can mine on Both CPU and GPU (Nvidia & AMD) - Idle Mining - Can be configured to mine with a different Max CPU when computer is idle - Stealth - Pauses the miner while Task Manager, Process Hacker or Process Explorer is open - Watchdog - Replaces the miner if removed and starts it if closed down - Remote Configuration - Can get the connection settings remotely from a URL at each startup - Bypass Windows Defender - Adds exclusions into Windows Defender for the general folders the miner uses - Online Downloader


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