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  1. Your negativity is not needed, we show proof before investing in our service you don't need to worry about anything else, you have been reported!
  2. So im on this thread for 1 reason only! get you guys to quit your 9-5 job! just listen before you get glued because this requires time and your efforts of trust your probably asking how? well as an experienced trader we hold all funds in one big master account that gets funded every time someone joins in this case this could be you!, so our big master account holds approx £10,000 - £345,000 now when someone joins they will deposit into the trading account or can send money via skrill for a manual deposit, if i deposit, what will i gain? we do weekly payouts that will make up your deposit in 1 week this all depends on your deposit!, take this into count if you deposit £150 then expect your first payout to be between £150 to £300 then after that your payout will increase to about £500 to £800 how can i trust you! we have client feedback from low deposit and once your interested and get in contact we will provide you with every proof you need! and even give the clients contact information so you can talk to each other whats my monthly outcome/wage? this all depends on your deposit lets say you start with £150 by the end of the month you probably would've gained £2500 in profits but any deposits above £500 will be estimated to be £7000+ i want to deposit my monthly wage for a larger outcome is this possible? we can do this, we will give you a greater weekly payout and support 24/7 if deposits are greater than £1300 your life will change within the first week! feel free to get in touch! [email protected]