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  1. Ofc i ma gonna pay for this sh*t, need 100K list .NL only :fine:
  2. finally! This prob cost you a lot of time and will be gone in 5min lmao
  3. Hey bro you think you could make an account checker for the app schpock that’d be sick my discord is dultron#1611 Sorry for taking so lon te respond! Anyways, it has recaptcha so its not possible. :pepe:
  4. Wiling to pay! What it should save/do: Save the Gebruikersnaam/Username save the wachtwoord/password. Check the box when hitting ''Onthoud mijn gebruikersnaam'' :fine: I CAN HOST IT MYSELF, JUST NEED THE CODES/SOURCE!
  5. Need place where i can upload videos (Those could be movies so around 1h 30m). The problem is.. It cant be youtube or twitch cuz those will strike my channel and the videos will be gone. ik anonfile! BUT they have to be able to watch the video without downloading just like youtube. :??: :??: :??: :??: