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  1. You need to survive 3 days in Timbuktu only with 1L of water.
  2. 5 Days, 13 Hours, 31 Minutes Online Time Uhum. Check ur requirements again.
  3. That would be problematic. Cause there is patr.io and sites that are posted as links so, this can't be done properly.
  4. https://cracked.to/usercp.php?action=usergroups Set infinity as primary group.
  5. Yes, biggest skammur here -> 700$ for some products. Kappa
  6. nig how do i ask her You have come to the right guy here, ask her out talk have some fun and after that ask if she is interested in you in other ways. At 15 it's not that hard to make it. :hype:
  7. Does somebody have one? Just for a 10 minutes work. :pepo:
  8. Vouch for him, friendly and retarded seller. Kappa
  9. If u try to request it again you will get this message You already have this award. All working fine.
  10. We have already a mobile version of the website as @Skryptec said. If u have any bug within that, report it here.
  11. I'll just said it, that applications are not open, that's all.
  12. Application is not open yet. #CloseThread.