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  1. I vouch for this seller. I first tested the user:pass combos on an amex config and got 3 hits. Nothing big but w/e the real hits were on twitch and LOL. Got 250ish hits on LOL before I stopped it before 70k out of 500k. Twitch I got roughly 200 hits and a few prime and one account with 5k bits on it. Overall 9.5/10 for HQ.
  2. Hmu with your best deals looking for 300k+ combos reply on here or add me on discord Mussolini#3386
  3. Very well @xMoses add me on discord and I will send you the files. :fiesta:
  4. Welcome to the offical FoodSuite sales thread This is just the beginning. I am currently working on adding a chipotle and deliveroo module. 4 Modules 1: Pizzahut US 2: Pizzahut CA 3: Dominos US (Needs us proxies) 4: Dominos CA Requires Email:pass and http proxies only. Price is $30 usd Dm me or join the discord to get it today! https://discord.gg/kB4w5v
  5. Ill take one of the vouch copies since nobody has replied yet
  6. Please leave a like for more content! (Hashed is to prevent leechers because they usually don't know wtf they're doing Kappa) [hide]https://pastr.io/view/luc8co[/hide]
  7. Title says it all check code below: My line: request.AddHeader("application/json, text/plain"); .AddHeader definition points too public MilkyRequest AddHeader(string name, string value); And I get an error that says "No overload for method 'AddMethod' takes 1 argument
  8. Copy and paste the email / pass into mozilla thunderbird. Had the same problem before.