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  1. Basically, I need more people on my VPN server in order to keep the traffic anonymous. So, here I am, doing a giveaway. To enter, all you need to do is reply. I'll generate a random number to pick a post. (Quick details about the VPN: requires OpenVPN, each client limited to one device connected at each time) Good luck :) EDIT: Forgot to add, it ends in 4 hours. 3 winners.
  2. This faucet is better than Moon Bitcoin and the others as it allows you to get up to a max of 5,000 satoshis every claim. I recommend giving it at least a try. [hide]Click here[/hide] Enjoy.
  3. I've found a site that allows you to deposit Bitcoin and make interest. Say for example, if you were to insert 0.05 BTC, in an hour that would turn into 0.0525 BTC with 5% daily interest. If you deposit 0.5 BTC, you'd have 0.535 BTC. 5 BTC to 5.45 BTC in a day, you get the idea. Have fun. [hide]Click here[/hide]
  4. just a linked a few articles does't really matter and I read what they said they didn't lie they just said there could be consequences to there actions Just that I wouldn't reference Metro, ever. They have a history of fake news.
  5. Really? Out of all news outlets you're counting on Metro?
  6. This is a bump All vouch copies have been given out T_T
  7. "EARN UP TO $25.00 FOR EVERY NEW MEMBER YOU INVITE. EVERY TIME THEY CASH OUT – YOU’LL GET 20% OF EVERY BIZ SURVEY REWARD THEY’VE ACCUMULATED. INVITE AS MANY AS YOU WANT" You've made this seem way too simple - I'm pretty sure it's basing it off the fact that other accounts that you create will cash out.
  8. Updated ... That's not a VPS vouch nor is it from but okay :kek:
  9. Still open to methods - contact me if you have any!
  10. It'd be cool for YouTube clips to autoplay when visiting a profile, and to have a setting to turn on/off autoplay.
  11. For anyone who hasn't heard: To everyone: what're your opinions? P.S: ddos this site, they support it lol