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J.G. Carding

Carding.store rules

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Terms and conditions for conducting business on Carding.Store
1.1 The user has the right to start trading activities only after filling in all trade information, which includes: a detailed description of goods or services, their prices (in dollars), features of work, rules and regulations of the store. This information should be relevant and subject to timely updating in case of change. In the lot (position), a photograph of the product (or service element) should be placed.
1.1.1 At the beginning of a commercial activity, the user is obliged to provide a product / service for verification. The verification form is determined by the administration.
1.2 It is forbidden to disclose the personal data of users without their consent, fines are provided for violation.
1.3 The sale of psychoactive substances is prohibited.
1.4 The administration of the forum is not responsible for transactions conducted not through the official escrow service
1.5 It is forbidden to duplicate the same product on the display case for different countries and / or settlements (for example, if there is only one product, then it must be one on the display window, and country positions are already added to it).
1.6 Any type of spam / flood in drugs is prohibited.
1.7 In personal messages, posts on the forum, non-normative vocabulary and inadequate expression of one’s thoughts, understandable only to the author, are prohibited.
1.8 It is forbidden to add lotteries to the storefront, as they are used to increase the rating. A penalty is provided for violation.
1.10 If within the framework of the campaign for the quality control of goods (Carding.Store test) a mismatch of goods or services is revealed, the administration has the right to impose a fine depending on the situation.
1.11 Registration and use of the site by persons under the age of 18 is prohibited. If you violate this paragraph, the account will be blocked.
1.12 The sale and rental of a commercial account is prohibited. In case of violation of this paragraph, the account will be blocked without the possibility of recovery, since it is still not needed by the owner.
1.13 It is forbidden to wind up the rating (reviews) in any way possible. For the initial violation of this rule, a fine for repeated banning of the store.
1.14 It is forbidden to sell digital goods that are in the public domain (instructions, videos, books, databases, accounts from social networks and porn sites, etc.) and to render services that require specialist qualifications (consultations). This information is subject to free distribution and is openly discussed on the forum. For violation of the rule, a warning is provided for the first violation, a fine for repeated.

Rules for buyers.
2.1 By purchasing a product from a user, you agree to his trading rules and accept the store’s policy regarding refunds and replacements.
2.2. Links to third-party resources or pages of social networks, emails, mobile phone numbers are strictly prohibited.
2.3 It is strictly forbidden to spam, flame, flood in reviews, as well as reviews that do not make any sense (do not carry a semantic load), clogging up the trading platform (which ones are and which are not - it is established by the portal administration in each specific case).
2.4 It is forbidden to use software that can harm both the trading platform and its users.
2.5 It is forbidden to use the public section of the trading platform (with the exception of dispute / arbitration), for a demonstrative discussion of disagreements, conflicts, disputes and polemics with other users and / or the site team.
2.6 It is forbidden to de-anonymize any user under any pretext, and for any reason.
2.7 It is forbidden to use hidden advertising or posting for the purpose of open advertising.
2.8 It is forbidden to register nicknames with a provocative meaning and / or name that resembles a nickname of a member of the portal administration or seller (store), as well as insulting nicknames in relation to other participants of the trading platform (which are and are not - set by the portal administration in each case).
2.9 It is forbidden to discuss or attempt to influence (and / or change) any decision of the portal administration, for any reason, no matter how significant it seems to you. Remember - the decision is final, not subject to appeal. The portal administration has the right to give comments and / or explanations about this or that decision at its discretion and / or not to give at all.
2.10. The buyer has the right to publish a review within 24 hours after receiving the goods / services and supplement it within 36 hours. You can also leave feedback about the transaction on the forum in the store branch.
2.11. The buyer has the right to use the services of escrow-service. For transactions conducted without the participation of escrow-service, the administration does not bear responsibility and does not accept claims
2.12. The buyer is allowed to change the rating for the transaction if it is less than 5 points, within two days. This time period is given to find a compromise between the seller and the buyer.

2.13 After three successful transactions, the buyer receives the status of a verified user.
2.14 When sending goods, the buyer agrees with the seller about the delivery of goods to other countries and cities in person. In Escrow-service, you only need to inform about the timing of the transaction taking into account delivery.
2.15 In personal messages, posts on the forum, non-normative vocabulary and inadequate expression of one’s thoughts are understandable only to the author. Offensive public messages may be deleted without warning.

Any violation of the rules will lead to penalties or blocking the account of the violator (ban), remember this!

Agreement with the position of the administration on the trading floor.
3.1 The site administration reserves the right to edit and / or delete any user content if it contradicts these rules.
3.2 The site administration reserves the right to suspend and / or terminate all your accounts, delete the username and password, selectively restrict your access to the site’s services, and block and / or delete any content if, in the opinion of the administration, you violate these rules and / or conduct illegal activities (which is, and which is not, established by the administration of the portal in each case).
3.3 The site administration is not liable and does not incur material obligations for losses resulting from the failure to fulfill its obligations by the Seller or the Buyer, as it is an uninterested party and performs arbitration functions.
3.4 The site administration reserves the right to send users informational messages.
3.5. The site administration reserves the right to selectively limit the placement of user work in sections of the catalog, as well as to refuse to post them if, in the opinion of the administration, they do not comply with the subject and rules of the site.
3.6 The site administration reserves the right at any time to change the design of the site, content, set of services, software used and other objects used or stored on the site, any server applications at any time with or without prior notice.
3.7. The site administration has the right to suspend the store, if a significant part of buyers are dissatisfied with the goods delivered or not delivered (which case they are, and which are not, is established by the portal administration).
3.8 The administration of the trading platform has the right to delete the review left for the sake of discrediting the store or for the sake of some personal benefit of the person who left the review (which case they are, and which are not, is established by the portal administration).
3.9 The administration is not responsible for hacking accounts on which two-factor authentication has not been installed. Complaints on such issues are not subject to consideration. The seller and buyer are solely responsible for the security of their accounts.
3.10. The site and the services provided may not be available due to scheduled preventive or other works, as well as for any other technical reasons. The administration has the right to carry out the necessary preventive or other work according to personal discretion with prior notice to users or without it.
3.11 The administration does not restore access to lost accounts. The user is responsible for his account.

Decision-making by the administration of the trading platform in controversial situations.
4.1 The arbitration service takes decisions in controversial situations, individually, depending on each specific case, not guided by momentary benefits.
The reputation of the store and the buyer play an important role in making controversial decisions.
4.2 In the case of delivery of low-quality goods, non-delivery of goods at all, the buyer must as soon as possible (up to 24 hours from the date of purchase) open a dispute in which the service administration will take part.
It is important to know that the auto-guarantee system does not work if the user has left a negative review. Thus, the buyer closes the transaction and the money is automatically transferred to the seller, such cases are not sorted out, disputes are considered only and exclusively ON OPEN TRANSACTIONS.
4.3 If the buyer opened a dispute but did not write anything in it within 24 hours, the dispute will be closed automatically in the direction of the seller.
4.4 If after receiving the address within 24 hours the user does not leave a response and does not evaluate the transaction, the transaction will automatically close with the maximum rating in the direction of the seller.
4.5 If the user opened a dispute, but the seller did not answer within 24 hours, the dispute will automatically close in favor of the buyer. The exception is weekend. So the dispute timer, open on Friday night, will be extended until Monday.
4.6 Upon completion of the dispute, the buyer has the right to leave a review. Estimates for controversial transactions will be set by moderators at their discretion.
4.7 If the city / region / type of treasure does not correspond to its actual situation, the buyer has the right to refuse the transaction through a dispute. With the consent of the buyer, the seller may issue a replacement that meets the parameters of the order.
4.8 In all disputed cases, the decision is made by the project administration at its discretion.

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