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Because of a bug, Tor Browser runs JavaScript where it should block It

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The developers have warned that due to an error, Tor Browser can execute JavaScript code on sites where the user has deliberately blocked the launch of JavaScript. Although work on creating a fix is already underway, there is no patch yet, and no release date is given.

The ability to block JavaScript execution is one of the important security aspects of Tor Browser. It is precisely because the browser is focused on preserving user privacy (in particular, it masks real IP addresses and does everything to preserve a person's anonymity) that it is often used to circumvent blocking and censorship by journalists, political activists, and dissidents in countries with repressive regimes.

It is worth saying that previously there were exploits for Tor Browser that used JavaScript to reveal the user's real IP address. Some of them were used to expose criminals (1, 2), while others were used under unknown circumstances (1, 2).

Now the development team reported that they found an error in the security settings of the Tor Browser Bundle. For example, even if the browser is configured to use the highest security level (Safest), it still allows JavaScript code to run in certain situations, even when it should be blocking It.


The developers write that they are already working on fixing this problem, but while there is no patch, users can completely refuse to use JavaScript and disable it in the settings: about:config - > javascript.enabled -> false.

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