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  1. Hi! Your question is not very clear. But if you want to make a deal with someone use escrow service.
  2. To provide protection against fraud during transactions on the forum Carding.Store, there is an Escrow-service. Escrow should become a reliable support for honest buyers and sellers, and at the same time, an insurmountable barrier for scammers. Scheme of work Escrow-service: 1. The buyer turns to the seller to conclude a transaction. Negotiates with him the possibility of purchase, type of product, quantity, price, consent to work through Escrow. 2. If an agreement is reached, the buyer contacts the Escrow-service at the contacts indicated at the end of the topic, reports the terms of the transaction in the form: Seller - (link to the profile) Buyer - (link to the profile) Amount Product / service Method and terms of delivery / provision of services Commission payment escrow-service (Seller or buyer) Additional terms 3. Escrow contacts the seller to confirm the terms of the transaction, and then reports the details for payment to the buyer. 3.1 Buyer transfers escrow-service funds. escrow-service notifies the seller about this. The seller sends the goods to the buyer. 4. The buyer receives the goods, checks them and informs about the result of escrow-service. 4.1 If all the conditions of the transaction are fulfilled, then escrow-service transfers money to the seller and, at his request, leaves an informational review about successful work through escrow-service in his topic. 4.2. If there are deficiencies recognized by both participants, then escrow-service waits until they are completely eliminated, after which it acts in accordance with clause 4.1. 4.3. In the event of a dispute, escrow-service makes a decision depending on personal conviction and the evidence provided. It is possible to attract administrators and reputable members of the forum to resolve contentious issues through a general vote. 4.4. If it is impossible to reconcile the parties, or if escrow-service cannot accept a party to the dispute and make an unambiguous verdict, the funds are withdrawn to the forum support fund. 4.5. If within 3 (three) days after the receipt of the escrow-service funds, the seller does not contact, then the funds are sent back to the buyer. If, within 3 (three) days from the date of the seller’s statement about the completed order, the buyer does not get in touch, then the funds held by escrow-service are automatically transferred to the seller. 4.6. Claims on the transaction are accepted within 3 (three) days. If within 3 (three) days no claims have been received regarding the transaction, then after 3 (three) days the transaction is deemed to have been successfully completed. Please indicate the most complete information about the requirements for the product, the timing and delivery methods, write down all the details that are important to you. This will simplify the escrow-service task in the event of a dispute. If the terms of your contract of sale differ from the usual escrow-service work scheme, the seller must contact escrow-service to agree on individual conditions. RELATIVITY OF PARTICIPATION escrow-service: escrow-service is not responsible for the legality of transactions made by the parties, escrow-service is only responsible for monitoring the quality of the purchase and sale transaction. Escrow-service accepts transfers and makes payments exclusively through Bitcoin Commission 3% of the amount, but not less than $ 10 Attention: If a transaction is conducted without the participation of escrow-service, then it is considered to be completed “at your own peril and risk”, and has no relation to this forum. All negative reviews and complaints about transactions conducted without the participation of escrow-service will not be accepted and will not be taken into account! Escrow-service has the right to refuse a transaction without explanation. To conduct a transaction through escrow-service, you can contact @Carding.store private message or telegram https://t.me/gs_cardingstore