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  1. thanks for sharing with us, im going to test this combo... i hope this have a spotify hits, thanks again.
  2. Thanks man, i was searching all the day for a gaming combo. Nice, thanks again.
  3. Thanks for sharing w/ us bro, i hope this combo works with spotify... and again, thanks. [hr] [quote='carlosos200319' pid='137634' dateline='1534770924'] ojala sirva para netflix [/quote] Tienes metodo de netflix? te gustaría intercambiar método por método? tengo varios quiza alguno te interese..
  4. I was searching for a good combo to Netflix, i hope this combo will help me.. thanks a lot!
  5. thanks for sharing with us, im going to test it, nice work bro :D
  6. if we can leave 1000 likes.. :c thanks bro, awesome! hope that i get nice hits!
  7. Im going to test it... i hope this works. Thanks bro, big thanks for sharing with us...
  8. I'll try this method... thanks for sharing with us bro, i need extra money xD
  9. God bless you man, im going to test this configs... thanks, big thanks xD