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J.G. Carding

Carding. From entry level to professional level. Official training from the site administration.

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Carding. From entry level to professional level. Official training from the site administration.

Hello! My name is J. G. I have been carding for more than 5 years. Now I want to teach this to everyone. I guarantee that everyone will get new knowledge and a large income.

Table of contents for full training:

  1. Introduction to terminology and general descriptions.
  2. Complete configuration of various systems, the latest configuration methods. Configuring dedicated server, shared security. VDS servers. Socks4/5, SSH. Configuring the virtual machine. Froude control. ABC reconciliation.
  3. Buy goods in various ways at the expense of other people.
  4. We withdraw funds from payment systems. We make transfers (PayPal, Western union, Moneygram and others)
  5. Make transfers to your accounts. Search for drops
  6. Payment methods for hotels, deposits, and air travel with other people's cards.
  7. Buying, extracting information for carding. I share a list of my suppliers.

Why is it worth taking the training with me?

  • The most up-to-date information, all-wheel drive. A lot of schemes, shops, ways to cash out, work with various materials, transfers to funds, and so on.
  • Constant support and communication after training.
  • Joint growth, after completing your training , your development will not stop. We will share information with you constantly. (FREE)
  • Whatever your initial level, we will bring you to profit.

My contacts

PM (online 24/7)

telegram https://t.me/jgcarding

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    J.G. Carding
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