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  1. 0x29A

    Where i can learn c#?

    YouTube, https://www.udemy.com or search local programming courses
  2. :pogchamp: :pogchamp: :pogchamp: OOF, no lol
  3. No, SEing with Samsung directly. @Rareswans can you tell me where to find indicators if its original or not? I can show you then, i get it directly from Samsung. @Vuk thanks :)
  4. Hey, selling brand new Samsung Galaxy S10+ 128GB (Box not opened). Stock: 6 (will update post when changed) Colors: (4) Black & (2) White Prism Lock: UNLOCKED Shipment: 1-5 days (insured shipping) Price: 480€ Original product, no fake or clone phone. :hype: Add me Discord: 0x29A#9999
  5. Note: If you want it to look 1:1 as on the pictures (font), you have to install OpenSans font: https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Open+Sans ========================================================================================================= This tool will automatically detect if a new version is available or not. First of all press the "..." button and select ScriptHookV.dll in your GTA 5 Folder. You can press "Check" now. - In case it's green, means its all good. - In case it's red, means a new version has been found. Now the "Check" button will renamed to "DOWNLOAD NEW VERSION". If you click it, the newest version will be downloaded through your default webbrowser. ========================================================================================================= ====================================================== HINT: You can doubleclick in the path textfield to open the path directly ========================================================================================================= Unzip the downloaded zip file and paste it in your directory, you can "check" again to go sure you did all right. Good to know: 1. If you select a path, it will be saved for the future. 2. If you have a valid path set, for the next times it will automatically "Check" when starting the tool. DOWNLOAD: [hide]https://anonfile.com/Dau2cfa5nf/ScriptHookV_Checker_rar[/hide] VIRUSSCAN: [hide]https://www.virustotal.com/de/file/bdb47dd29297a64b20034acaad15bfff2e54d40b10a13b1ceecb2db654d53b6f/analysis/[/hide]
  6. Hi there, There is a game where you have to do vote (steam account needed) if you voted successfully you'll receive 0.50€ via PayPal from me. Contact me: 0x29A#9999
  7. Hey there, join our rust server :) its quite fun. See full details here: https://rust-servers.net/server/147054/ :fiesta:
  8. Hi, i can make custom Discord Bots, whatever you want for your Discord Server/Community. Here's a small preview of mine: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR1myjbm2Is Price will be discussed when i know what you want. :) PM me.
  9. Hi, im providing an amazon refunding service. The price is 10% of your ordered item price. US + EU (Amazon.com / Amazon.de / Amazon.it ...) You are paying AFTERWARDS. When you get your refund confirmation you have to pay me. Payment: PayPal Contact me: PM me here ================================================================ T.O.S ================================================================ 1. No chargeback of the 10% - Doing so, you'll get problems with your local authorities and a fraud report to amazon will be made. 2. Minimum fee is 25€, no matter of the price 3. I have the right to refuse the service to anyone ================================================================
  10. [hide]https://mega.nz/#!Hu5CVQJa!Luw-1XrbjAArBIaEgGCqKjLgISx175Gud90kD4fYWBg[/hide]
  11. [hide]https://mega.nz/#!HyxgWYCb!mmALHsgYCJaLvv8-iBjQrJEdmg2sD-fbcIrTaKNOAkw[/hide]
  12. [hide]https://mega.nz/#!PqokAYLY!yZWa5uXNVbm9pOYpNw8XgFErEdNJRtnl8KNJzWFx7Dc[/hide]
  13. Format: USER:PASS [hide]Download: https://mega.nz/#!3qhgCAqC!NszXq51BgSY9ZqTkZ2V0vEj4HGVSoiTQeJ5RkhTW2kw[/hide]