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  1. [hide][/hide] Leechers will get reported and banned, so give a like :fiesta:
  2. Hello Is there any service with taxify (bolt) rides? Same as Uber but this service? If know someone, please, share contact!
  3. Why then you are ignoring me on Discord? Ive been off discord and using it very less maybe ur message got skipped as i get alot of pms on it sorry Waiting money since 03.04 (17 days already). Need it asap.
  4. DM me, please, or Discord Lamer#2399 :fiesta:
  5. Told ya ima refund it dw i will do it. My sales are having problem so not earning shit because of amazon account problem . Why then you are ignoring me on Discord?
  6. Scammers Profile Link: [if Applicable] Sales Thread: Amount or Item(s) Scammed: 3x100$ Netflix Gift Card (Have paid 66$ in btc) Screenshots of Communication: Additional Information: Have received invalid GC, the person said that will send new when available, and then started ignoring me. I ahve paid 66$ for 3x100$ gift cards. Waiting my money back.
  7. Check Out My Autobuy Selly Store! [align=center]Autobuy is here: If you have any questions PM me here, comment or add me on discord![/color] Discord: Lamer#2399 I will give 3 vouch copies to reputable members. 0/3 Vouches. New products will be added soon! :fiesta: [/align]
  8. Guys, this seller is scammer, paid him but he just left discord.
  9. Still trying to find supplier
  10. Sorry, interested starting from 25$ Still looking for Gift Cards.
  11. Hey, I am looking for Netflix GC supplier. I am paying 20% of the value. BTC / PP. Contact me on Discord: Lamer#2399.