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Encoder MSRX6

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Encoder MSRX6

   (1 review)


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Weight: 0.145 kg. 
Dimensions: 140 x 42 x 42 mm. 
Compatibility: Windows, Mac OS
 Communication Protocol: USB
Power supply : DC 5V (directly from USB) 
MP standards : HiCo and LoCo (300-4000 Oersted) 
Tracks: 1,2 and 3
Functions: read, write, copy, compare, clear, write from / to file

Progress does not stand still, and as a result, large and heavy gadgets give way to lighter and more ergonomic ones. The line of available and popular encoders " MSR " has been supplemented with another modern device that can perform all the necessary operations. It seems that bulky power supplies are forever in the past, and all new-generation encoders will only be equipped with hybrid communication/power cables.

The MSRX6 has lost 6 times its weight,compared to its prototype msr605x, and weighs less than 150 grams. And also, it has become 3.5 times smaller in volume.

At the moment, it is the smallest encoder in the world that supports all the functionality-reading, writing, rewriting magnetic cards, and so on.

Standard equipment:
msrX6 encoder
USB cable
disk with the management program and drivers
20 magnetic stripe cards for checking and learning
The new type of encoder is a real find for people who do not work stationary, move a lot or travel.

Before first use, the encoder must be charged from any USB port within 1.5-2 hours.


Contact to PM or telegram https://t.me/masterskimmer

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